Imported model with UVs

Hi everyone, i’m learning blender its an amazing software!!. I found myself with an idea to test my habilities and learn a lot more. I imported a model i found on the web, it is correctly textured and i see the uv islands in the UV image Editor. my objective is to reconstruct missing parts from the model and keep original textures, but i cant find a way to show the original seams created for the UV islands!! i activated the draw seams button in the mesh tools more panel but nothing!! :eek: is there something i can do about this?
thanks a lot for your help!!:yes:

On the uv/image editor header select the ‘Keep UV and edit mode mesh selection in sync’ button
In the UV/image editor select all the outside edges of the islands and then in the 3dview Ctrl+E / Mark as Seam (when you’re in edge select mode)
There is an addon script that marks seams from UV islands but I’ve not got it working with the latest blender version.

thanks a lot for the reply, i’ll try it out and inform the results!!