Imported obj is 100x bigger in Blender. :(

The import clamp size is default=0

Later on i found my imported objects are 100x bigger in Blender comparing to Maya and it’s very frustrating as i have to scale it down the object and redo/reset the hair , rigging, lighting which is not easy .

I made new scene and set unit scale to 0.01, then appended all objects into that new scene. that didn’t work.

Any way i can set unit scale to 0.01 and freeze it to 1.0(which is default).
Any idea? any solution ?


0 = clamp is disabled
Try values of 1 - 100.

Hey rigoletto,

Thanks, my question is not about the clamp size.

I need to find out how to scale some objects 100X down , tricky part is objects have a lot of hair attached to them. i have to do the same with lights, rig, skinning and everything, if it was a global way i could set the unit size 0.01 and freeze it to 1.0 without impacting my objects. because i need my scale unit to be 1.0 at the end.

And what is the problem when selecting all togethers and scaling… ???

You have to apply scale (CTRL+A) for setting scale to 1 without resize.

If you use Better FBX Import & Export it has an option to set the scale before importing. Yes it does work with obj, fbx, and dae and a few more. Well worth the money.

Scale of the hair doesn’t depend on the scale of the object . resizing the object screw up the hair, it’s not as simple as resetting the hair without redoing it.

Can you post a screenshot?
Afaik hair are just normal mesh like all other, importing .obj dont support blender hair.

They use different units, it is not Blender’s fault. The industry could make up their minds about this. This issue has been there forever and won’t go away anytime soon.

Your best bet is to write custom simple Python scripts that deal with imports and exports of such if you need to do this regularly.

As far as the hair goes, how are you bringing it from Maya? If not how come it depends on the imported object given no imported object can come with a Blender way of particle hair setup? We can offer solutions if you show some screenshots of what is going on in the scene.

Here is an example .

I don’t import the hair, all hairs are done in Blender using HairNet.

I can avoid it in the future, but i need to fix what is already done.

As i scaled the size down, i realized my displacement maps are too strong now just in Blender, that means units are smaller in Blender unfortunately!

I haven’t seen this problem with Maya and Max.

The hair values are in absolute Blender units and do not depend on the object scale. In theory, you can use drivers or other means (like Python scripting, Animation Nodes) to make them in sync with the objects absolute size.

Maya uses cm as the base unit, Blender uses a generic unit measurement (at default) which corresponds to one meter. You can change your units in Blender, but this only affects displaying of the values. Changing from a base unit to metric cm will not scale everything in your scene to 1/100th of the original scene size.

You can convert your hair setup to curves or edges, then scale them together with the object, this is a context based solution, so it might not work for you if you are doing some special hair shading.

I simply convert obj. to fbx in C4D… Problem solved :smiley:
Everyone who have Adobe subscription have C4D light, if I remember correctly.
And yap this is Blender fault, I don’t have such issues with Max and Modo.

another problem i came across in Blender, when i scaled down my objects , i couldn’t use shape key anymore, somehow my vertex order changes i guess , it happens randomly, couldn’t find the reason.
Hair might be causing it, no idea.

And it’s happening just in Blender.

anyone had this issue before?