Imported OBJ looks good, but not quite

I have received a fully modelled speaker from a client to use in Blender… Importing goes well, and its shows up fine in Blender… So the model itself seems to look fine, but somethings off with displaying it. When I orbit the view, different parts seem to get cut off the model. And when I zoom out…the whole model seems to dissappear…

What could this be?

its WAY too big. by default, the grid is 1 meter per square. your view clips at about 100 meters by default.

you can change the clipping by pressing N in the 3d view to open the panel. it should be in Display.

So the object is waaay to big? So can I just scale it down to a decent size en then set the scale to 1 to fix this?

yeah, then ctrl-a to apply the scale once its scaled.

ok will do

quick follow up question… the file i got…also had a MTL file with it… I take it that contains the texture/material information of the object right?

But when I import the object… these materials dont seem to be working. The nodes are there (pretty complicated)…but the materials are all showing very diffused without glossy or something… just basic colors really…

How can i make these materials show on the object properly…?

usually, importing materials will only change the blender internal materials. but thanks to your cropped screenshot, i cant tell what render engine you have selected, or other helpful things.

Sorry bout that… what other things would you like to know? I have cycles selected. Please let me know what other stuff you need to know in order to help me out.

Take this Script (top right - “Download File”).

Install and activate it.
Start Blender and switch to blender internal.
Import your Object and make the Scale Stuff.
Go to the Material-Tab ->Convert Materials to Cycles.