Imported object material shows in material view but not render

I am just using some premade spaceship models for a personal hobby, playing with blender, but I ran into a problem. I have imported a model (.obj) (cycles render), but at first, it has no texture, the model texture is the default white in the render and material view. But them I add the included (glow) texture,

and then the model looks right, the way I want it to look, in the material ‘view’ in blender (I don’t know why as the texture image does not have all that colors):

When I enter the render view, however, I end us with the texture looking like the picture I imported (the 2nd one):

I suppose that is technically the correct way for blender to render it, but why can’t I get it to look like it does in the material view. That is how I want it to look like and I have tried everything I know of… Others on the web do not have the same problem like this one.

Any help will be much appreciated, Thank You in Advance :slight_smile:

Check your material. Since you’re plugging the glow texture into the diffuse color, that’s what it should be rendering.

Probably you want the diffuse texture in the diffuse shader, and the glow texture in an emission shader (which you probably don’t have). As we can’t see your node setup, there’s not much we can do from here.

Thanks for the reply, but the problem is that I only have the glow texture on my hard drive, I do not know where the correct material (diffuse) I want (from the material view) is coming from, my guess is that it comes with the model somehow, otherwise how can it show in the material view… Where can I find it or How do I enable it to show in the render view?

This is the only node I have… Thanks

Never mind. Post became obsolete by latest post of the OP.

Then we need the blend file / or preferably the original obj/texture pack for closer inspection. If there’s any license attached to it, then is preferable to contact me in private.

Just for completion on this thread:

The problem was that the ‘use_alpha’ on the datablock properties was making the color information to be multiplied by the alpha value.
So whenever someone has a texture where the alpha and color have different purposes, the solution (for now) is to have two image datablocks referencing the same source, one with the ‘use_alpha’ on and the other off.