Imported .svg can not polygon

I imported and .svg. Has a set of polygons that make up a logo.

Finally figured out how to get into edit mode and extrude but, when I select all points, there are segemtents not selected.

When I try to select the two points and do a Curve>Make Segment I get the “error, can not make segment message”.

Also, would like to know how I can extrude multiple 2d polygons at the same time (or the same amount)


The logo imported looks like it has a surface when brought into Blender but the “curves” are not connected.
Discoverd some of the points I selected and tried to "segment’ were curve handles but, still can not connect them.

Am I right in thinking I need to connect the curves before I can extrude?


Post an example svg so we can test it.
It’s hard to guess what happens… :wink:


my guess is your curve segments are U closed…
join curves and run this little script from a text editor window, it may work for you
setting curve preview resolution to a low value -down to 1- will result in less vertices

import bpy
obj = bpy.context.object
if obj.type == 'CURVE':
    for z in
        z.use_cyclic_u = False
    bpy.ops.object.convert(target='MESH', keep_original=False)