Imported SVG with weird results church logo

I greatly appreciate anyone willing to take the time to read and those willing to respond!

the Jesus church.blend (2.28 MB)

Helping my church with simple logo animations. I took our .AI file into inkscape to perform a trace bitmap and saved as an svg file. Then, I imported into blender and got several stacks of junk—had to piece together what you see in the attached file. Now, I’m having a weird experience with “t” on “the” – it doesn’t react naturally with the sun lamp rotation. It does react, just not naturally. It’s odd and I’ve never seen that before. How might I fix it?

I don’t have AI to attempt to save as SVG directly; that file was provided by the original artist years ago.

The “t” has its face normal pointing up, all other letters have it pointing down.
So, either flip normals on the “t” or on all other letters…

Okay - thanks! Never ran into that before, will have to google that as well. Thanks for the fast reply!

Not sure if my previous post got through the mods yet — thanks for the quick reply!