ImportError: No module named BGL

Hey guys, yet another 2.5 question from me! i’ve been using an SSAO script from the HDR2.0 file, and im getting the error “ImportError: No module named BGL” in the window information script. Here’s the code:

import GameLogic as G
import BGL

scene = G.getCurrentScene()
cont = G.getCurrentController()
objList = scene.objects
own = cont.owner

viewport = BGL.Buffer(BGL.GL_INT, 4)
BGL.glGetIntegerv(BGL.GL_VIEWPORT, viewport);

own.width = viewport[2]
own.height = viewport[3] 

any suggestions? thanks!

All 2.5 module names are in lowercase, so bgl, mathutils and geometry.

hahaha wow… that was easy! thanks!