Importing .3ds and .lws into Blender

Hi All -

I am a complete noob with Blender. Currently have 2.49b (I know it is not the latest version but been using it to follow some tutorials with old interface).

Anyway, I want to import two models. The first is a .lws (Lightwave scene?) found here: I do File->Import Lightwave (.lwo) but all I can find is a .lws file in the folders I downloaded. Opening it doesn’t seem to import anywhere.

The second a .3ds found here:

I import it (using File->Import). It imports into the Animation section. Can I use it as a standard model somehow? I want to use to create an educational game so want to import as a model so I can add some ‘intelligence’ to it.

Hope you can help…

I do File->Import Lightwave (.lwo) but all I can find is a .lws file in the folders I downloaded.

Look in the ISS models 2011 / Objects / Modules folder for all the individual .lwo files

I import it (using File->Import). It imports into the Animation section.
Don’t understand what you mean by ‘Animation section’. Import the individual .3ds files. The scale may be all different so you may need to scale them up/down after you have imported then different files.

Lightwave has “Objects” and it has “Scenes”. Objects are only mesh data whereas Scenes contain that data placed together with rigs and animation. Blender can only import Lightwave Objects but not Scenes. You can always freeze your objects in place in Lightwave’s Layout and then import them into Blender. That way they will come in the right place in the scene.

If you have animation in Lightwave, you can bake the points by running Lightwave’s MDD Scan and then save the MDD files to import into Blender. If you do this, don’t bake the object in Layout… just save the lwo and add the MDD. It will pop right into place.

I’ll go right to the point and make my rant short and not use much of you time :slight_smile:

I would understand if you’d be a veteran 2.49b user not ready to switch to 2.5. (the coding of Blender and the interface as change from 2.49)
But being a noob you should learn Blender 2.50 and up (now 2.61) from the start. What your doing is actually learning blender backwards. Explanation:

1-2.49b is no longer supported or at least no new version will be officialy done.
2-You are missing a lot of great Add-ons that are and never will be (officially at least)available for 2.49b Add-on like Dynamic Paint, Cycle renderer… many many more.
3-The interface as changed dramatically for a reason: it is now more intuitive. witch means that blender is easier to understand thus to learn.
4-If I understand the dev correctly, 2.50+ is more versatile coding side witch means I guess we’ll see more and more Add-on enhancing the power of Blender.
5-As for tutorials… there a plenty of them and not scattered on youtube but on specific web sites dedicated to do just that and 95% of them are free and professionally done.
6- I could go on and on …

I don’t know how much you could do with version 2.49b because the mere interface discouraged me at the time. But I’m pretty sure that the blender of today (2.62 coming soon) is way more flexible and powerful then version prier to 2.50.

Some users complain that a few aspect of 2.49b were not reintegrated into 2.50 but it’s a good guess that they will eventually. Once that will be done the 2.49b users will surely be out dated compared to the more advanced 2.50+ version users.

Unless you have a specific reason to use version 2.49b other than the fact that you found some 2.49b tuts, I strongly suggest you switch to version 2.50+ as soon as possible.

For 2.50+ tuts, go…
blendercoukie, blenderguru, don’t forget Blendernation for news and links.

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Firstly, apologies for the late reply! I thought I had subscribed to this thread but clearly not!! (I must admit I was a wandering why I never got a reply) :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the help - I will import the different sections and reconstruct the ISS!

I managed to import the shuttle…thanks.

As for 2.49b - I was using it because it’s what’s we have at uni’ and all the tutorials are based on it. Hence, why I have started with 2.49 (and why I am now more familiar with 2.49 interface) but I do have 2.5 on my Ubuntu machine at home.

By the way, my uni project is not about modelling but more interactivity and depth perception. So I’m not cheating my importing models :slight_smile:

Hi - sorry for the late reply. I thought I subscribed to the thread but clearly not.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I managed to import the shuttle.

Can I use the trial version of LightWave to somehow convert the ISS to a .3ds file so I don’t need to reconstruct the scene using each individual .lwo file?

As for 2.49b, it is the version we have at uni and all the tutorials were in 2.49. Hence why I used it. But I do have 2.5 on my Ubuntu machine at home (version in the 11.10 repo).

By the way, the uni project is not about modelling – more interactivity and depth perception. So, we’re allowed to import ready models. I’m not cheating. :slight_smile: