Importing A Blend File Into a Blend File


This is probably a noobish question, but is probably one that is very handy to know the answer to: is there a way to import mesh [including vertices, object distinction, etc] from a Blend file into another Blend file? For example copying & pasting object from one file to another would normally do the trick, but in Blender you can’t do that as far as I’m aware.

Basically I need to be able to take exactly what’s in one file [except maybe lights and cameras, stuff like that that doesn’t really matter] and stick it in the other, it’s a group project and we have a master file that has everything in it.

Thanks very much in advance!

[PS. These files are on Blender 2.49b, if it matters]

Use the Append or Link function in the File drop down menu at the top of the page.

Tutorial: Ira Krakow’s Append and Link Blender 2.49b Tutorial

Thanks so much!