Importing a Blender model into Poser3

(fjdavid) #1

Is there a way to import a model created in Blender into Poser 3 so it works like it should within Poser instead of as a single feature?

Maybe this is more of a Poser question, but most of the Poser pages talk about 3DS Max and not Blender to create models for Poser.


(TurboG) #2

well…If it imports .3DS files, I’d save the file as a VRML1.0 and then us a converter…I found a really awsome converter that can handles alot of that.

Its called CrossRoads…That page says everything it imports and exports… I checked and it imports VRML 1.0 and can export .3ds files…

So export to VRML with blender (F2 I belive…or in file bar at top) . Open it in crossroads (or better converter…thats the best I found). Save as 3DS.

Tell me if it works :smiley:

(fjdavid) #3

Would you beleive that is exactly how I do it now. The problem is it will pull a model in as one feature and I wanted to know how to make a model with all the individual features (fingers, hands, arms… etc.) so when I import into Poser I can then pose the model in Poser.

(Fabien3D) #4

Have you tried the VideoScape export ? I heard it saved scenes into an OBJ format. Under RayDream Studio, it was possible to export every body part into different meshes, so, I thing Blender will too.