Importing a .dwg file in blender!What should i expect?

Hello all,

Maybe there is another similar topic BUT what i want is to import a .dwg file in Blender from BricsCad (I am using Linux) and then set the model ready for extrude like importing in 3DS MAX! SO, my question is divided to:

1.How can i import .dwg file in Blender from BricsCad without loosing anything from my drawing?

2.How can the scene be ready for similar edit with 3DS MAX?like being able to extrude the lines or put them in layer!

I think i was specific,


I’d suggest saving it as .dxf in BricsCad, then importing it with Blender’s dxf import addon. If certain objects turn out not to import correctly you might need to explode them first in BricsCad.