Importing a py theme

How do I import a *.py file which contains a certain theme I’d like to use
in Blender?

I haven’t been able to figure this out…!


Assuming that you have a

Just drop the “theme”.py inside the script directory inside .Blender Folder…then open Script Window ---->click Update Menu…script window—>click Scripts—>Theme—> should be there…finaly click it…

Thanks for the reply ecgilboy; Albeit, I don’t see a Script Directory inside my Blender folder at all I also don’t have Python installed I’ve never used it I’ve always used
C++, CSharp, JScript, VBScript, Java, JSharp, VB, VB.Net, and things of that nature never used Python…

So is it due to not having Python installed that I don’t see this Directory?


it should be inside .Blender folder…take note of the dot