Importing a scene - problem...

I recently began work on a ship of mine, just a hobby but I usually make all the details, like weapons, and external details in another blender file (just the way I am) well. I thought the ‘Append or Link’ would work but all it does is add a NEW SCENE, it doesn’t import the scene into the CURRENT scene (IE: It doesn’t import my completed gun turret into the same scene as my ship)

I tried Ctrl+L and even L, but no dice either way. What am I doing wrong here? =\

Also, sorry if this has been asked before, I did do a search but couldn’t find the solution to my problem.

When you select Append / Link and then choose your Blend file you will see several options “folders” one of which is Object. Double click on Object, select all (A key) and then click Append. This will append all the objects from the file into your current scene. Note: the object get appended to the same layer they are on in the original file, so if you do not see an object press the ~ key to open all layers.

Thank you DichotomyMatt, that worked =)