Importing a textured model

What I am trying to do is probably wary simple(for those ho know how;) ).
So to get to the point:I am trying to import a model,which I have already textured in 3D-Coat,to edit in blender.I manage to Import the model(.obj) but I do not know how to import the textures(so I can see them on the model for modeling).
Thanks in advance,

I guess it is an importation issue, but to get your image textures onto your model, make sure it has a material, then add a texture channel of type ‘image’, load the image, and in materials window under the map input tap change it to ‘UV’. However, you cannot destructively alter a mesh once it has UVs, without messing up the texture.
(edit) btw, if you want to see the texture in the 3D viewport, you’ll have to join your UV coords to the image in the UV editor as well.

First of all thanks for your fast reply.
Now,if I understand this correct I can’t edit a textured model?That would be wary sad and make life much more difficult:(
And second:I am sorry,but I do not really understand your explanation(it’s not your fault,just I am still a newbie to blender and have no idea where to find all of those things you talk about).Is there any program that supports editing a textured model?
The reason for this is because I put the blue print of a car on a cube which I now wanted to edit to a car:)

OK,don’t worry is solved^^

you’ll want to put your blueprint in the 3D window. go to the ‘view’ menu, and select ‘background image’.