Importing a theme from 2.53 to 2.54

Hey there,

It appears that 2.54 won’t read the B.blend file that was saved for use with 2.53. Is there a way to export the theme and window configuration from 2.53 and import it into 2.54?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ve done this by renaming the file to the name the current version uses and saving it in the proper path. However there are changes going on all the time and I have found that saving themes and transferring them over can cause things to “break”, so I’m leaving the changes for a later date.

No, its better to simply open the old startup.blend file from 2.53 and then save preferences again and blender will make you a new one in the 2.54 config folder.

But some preferences don’t translate over too well in some cases, like going from 2.52 to 2.53 made all of the sculpt icons look the same, so I had to reset to default and then save out a new one. But I make extensive changes to the UI theme and got tired of doing it over and over again since the changes under the hood of Blender would cause some things to not work well.

Thanks guys, got it to work by simply copying the ‘config’ directory from the 2.53 folder into 2.54.

And forgot so say I’m on Ubuntu 10.04…but problem solved :smiley: Thanks again.