Importing an image


I am still learning Blender, so keep that in mind when reading :cool:

I am wanting to create some text and then have a shadow cast from it onto an image.

This is hard to impossible with the Gimp, is there a way to import an image into Blender so I can create the shadow effect in Blender ?

Any advice welcome.


Why can’t you do that in Gimp as an effect from a layer? I do it all the time. To do this in Blender is a bit like using a hammer on an egg.
Add text object and a plane to receive the shadow, add an area light of to the side.

Thanks David.

I must be missing something with GIMP then. Adding a Shadow effect [same drop shadow] add its to the border of the layer, and not the individual text.

With Blender, this is what I have done, added Shadow to the lamp, put a mesh pane in below the text and moved the light to where I want them. The problem is, including the image I want the shadow to be cast onto.

I’ll have more of a play in GIMP.

Ok, got Gimp working to do this.
So I guess my question is answered.

But is there a way to bring an image into Blender ?

Create a plane.
Add a material to it.
Click the texture button.
Select a texture type of image.
Click the Load button and browse to your image.

Thanks alot Atom, just what the Dr ordered.
I’ll look the details of that.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

There is a great script that will automatically add the right shaped plane and map an image as a texture that you choose! I use it all the time with an orthographic camera setting (but shadeless material which is no good for drop shadow).

OK I must be really new, but how do you use this python script? How is it imported?

I have placed it in ~/.blender/scripts but can not find where it has added to the Blender interface.


Well, it should be in the scripts window, search through the categories.

Ahh huh!!

I did actually find what I thought was it, there, but it didn’t seem to work. A little more playing and we have success!

Thank you.