Importing an Obj with a texture into Unity

I have an Obj file I downloaded that will import with textures into Unity, but if I were to import it into blender, and then save it again as an Obj, It imports with no texture at all. Is there a way to fix this. I originally wanted to do this so I could rig the mesh, but as it stands even if I just import the obj and then save it, it won’t import the same. I’ve heard of people importing there file with the Textures in the same folder, but this doesn’t have that. It has .obj .mtl and something called .dds (which seems to be the textures).

I actually fixed it by dragging a blend file into the same folder as the obj and in the unity inspector changed the import settings. On material naming I changed the option to “From model’s material”, and in material search changed that option to “local materials folder”