Importing and Exporting Animated Models

I have been trying to import and export animated models, and have been having problems. I know that a number of the file formats supported by Blender (.md2, .x, etc.) support animation, but they don’t seem to have it once they’re imported. And the .x import script doesn’t seem to work at all (errors with every model I tried). Can the built-in import scripts support animation? How does one export an animated model?

What type of animation is it?
.x supports only armature animation (all changes must be made in pose mode)
.md2 supports only vertex animation (all changes must be made in edit mode, or shape keys)
I dont think there is a format for exporting the global changes of position of objects, since all objects are exported at 0,0,0 (except for scene type formats like collada)

Well, I haven’t figured out how to do vertex animation (care to explain it?), but I have some experience doing armature animation, and that’s really want I want to export (though vertex would be nice, too).

I meant to say Shape Keys. This is where you alter the verts (in edit mode) and create keyframes for each different shape. There is a quick overview of using these two file formats in this thread…

Thanks! :smiley:

Looks like it will work. Funny, the reason I wanted to export animated models was to use them in Irrlicht, too!