Importing and Exporting?

Hey everyone!
currently I’ve been working on a small project of my own and I’m having some trouble that I hope someone can help me with.
Currently I’m running Blender 2.36 and so far the program runs beautifully. Definetely a huge improvement personally.

Except I’m having trouble exporting and importing objects/meshes etc, from other blender files. Does anyone know how to properly import/export files?

The reason I ask is because currently I’m working on a small project. I’m currently working on some models of cartoon cavemen and I’m all done with the body, and I’d like to do the hair and clothing in another separate file so I can simply import/export the hair to see how it looks like. I know it sounds tedious. But I’d rather be organized and have all the hair in one file, all the clothing in another, and the body in another.

In case you’re wondering. I’m doing this because I’m planning on making a short 15-20 minute film. I know, I know, every tom dick and harry has said that in these forums and barely anyone has delivered.

So what makes my movie any different?

  1. I’m using a particular model style similar to that of the movie “Chicken Run” which is actually very easy to replicate. In fact, all the characters are gonna use the same model body (which I’ve already finished) and I’ll just simply make small changes to the existing model for each character.

Basically what I’m doing is cloning the already existing model that I finished and either slimming it down, or changing the hair (which is why I need to learn how to import/export) or changing the clothing, eye color, teeth etc.

  1. I’m actually having my fiance work on the script while I work on the modelling, therefore making my job load MUCH much lighter.

  2. I’ve already begun some preliminary story boards of the first 2-3 minutes.

and finally

  1. now that I’ve finished the actual body, all I need to work on is making different kidns of hair,clothing, teeth etc.

when I’m a little more ahead on the project, I’ll post some pics for you to enjoy under the Works in Progress forums. I can’t call it a finished project until I actually finish the movie heh.

If all goes well, I might ask in the forums if anyone wants to voice cast (but don’t get your hopes up yet) because I need a good chunk of the voice cast to have a british accent.

Well, until later, keep blending

Shft F1 (or File >> Append) navigate to the .blend your model is in, Leftclick to get a lib., leftclick the OBJECT lib and Middlemousebutton (MMB) the model.


You can also right click on selections to select more than one item to append.