Importing and rigging .bvh

Hi guys, I just registered, but I’m not completely newbie :slight_smile: Wondering, how to import and nicely animated armature as .bvh file and make it working with a mesh. After importing armature looks like this
Then after pressing alt+a animation is playing nicely. Actually I wonder, that in pose mode, after applying clear rotation for all bones, armature looks like this :eek:
The problem is with rigging, despite which method I’m chosing, the results are bad. Rotated 90dgr around X armature, mesh not rotated, parent from bone heat:
from envelopes:
The same view is with “don’t create groups” and “name groups”. And afterward this mesh is behaving in strange way while trying to rig, moving somewhere further. I did photos without posing armature well, but the same is if it is posed. I thought I knew how to manage with armatures, but here I’m lost, don’t know where mistake is :frowning: Can anybody suggest good way to rig any mesh to this imported .bvh armature? Thanks in advance :yes: