Importing animation from *.FBX creates weird channel groups

Hello everyone, there is something strange with native FBX importer in 2.78 and 2.79. Instead of creating channel groups for each bone, like when you create animations manually, it creates one single channel group (for each Action) named after armature object and places all the keyframes inside it.

Animations play fine in Blender, but it stops other exporter I currently use (Cal3d) from recognising actions and writing them to the file. Is there a setting that can change this? The problem can be solved by baking each animation into new action, but in the future, I may have to convert hundreds of actions into Cal3d, so I’d wanted less manual work.

Ended up using script to re-bake all the animations, but it is almost as slow as if I’ve done it by hand (to determine action length, you have to iterate through each keyframe in every f-curve, for example). Still not the best solution