Importing Animation from Maya


Currently I have an animation in Maya where a character rig walks and then changes direction. What I was hoping to know is whether it is possible to import that Character rig, with the animation, into blender and if it is possible, how would I go about doing so?

Thank you.

( I just realized there was a section devoted to combing two programs, sorry for posting in the wrong section :frowning: )

I don’t have maya so I can’t try anything out.

In blender:
Under the “file” menu is the “import” sub-menu, this lists all the available file import formats available for blender, see if a maya file is there, if not you can export from maya and use another file format.

*When I said all I didn’t mean all, I’m sure (at least I think) there are other python scripts available on the internet.

I have not been able to import animation data from Maya to Blender.
I have been able to go the other way around using the FBX file format.

There isn’t an option to import from Maya, but there is one to import from Max. I’ll have a go at porting the file into max, and then again from Max to Blender, seeing as it’s apparent you can’t port directly from Maya to Blender.

Thanks for the help guys, it’s appreciated.

There is no Max import either.

This is the reason I wrote Meshfoot.

If you can export an OBJ sequence from Maya, you may be able to use Meshfoot to manage the sequence for rendering.

Try using anisculpt to import animation, I don’t know if it imports rigging

I hope it helps you, I’ve never used it myself

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