importing animation

I have been trying for a while to import animation into Blender.
I have a series of mocap markers tracked in PFtrack and have been unable to figure out how to get the animation into Blender (either 2.49 or the latest 2.5 builds).

I have tried using Maya as a go-between, converting either the .fbx or the .ma from PFtrack to Collada .dae or .dxf. I can get the markers initial points to import into Blender, but no animation.

PFtrack can export a mocap marker track (null object position animation) to the following formats: .dxf .ma .lws .ms .xml
None of which can be directly imported into Blender.

If I was doing matchmoving PFtrack could export the camera movements to a python file that can be loaded into Blender. but that option is not available for mocap tracking for some reason.

Has anybody come across a solution to importing animation into Blender from Maya.
Or converting data from PFtrack into .c3d or .bvh mocap data.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe even some info on how to write a simple importer for one of the pftrack formats?

Ok, I am doing the same but with a different software which dumps the markers data into a XYZ coordinate txt file. I import that data into blender using a script that convert that data into a curve. Then after importing I apply a empty (Follow Path Constraint) and then bake the animation. And there an EMPTY object with the animation in it. This I do to all the joints (pain to me as i cannot script). But happy to have a complete mocap.

Heu guys. Just saw this post and i have a relevant question. I am doing my dissertation and ill use Blender and PF Track to put a character in a real video environment and do animations and stuff. Unfortunately i haven’t yet understood how this procedure works. Can you please give me some clues or guide me through how to import blender animations in real video using PFTrack?
Thanks in advance for your time and advice. :slight_smile:

Hi, Thats the other way around. You have to bring camera tracked data into blender. And then add animation and render the output. For more control you can composite the two separately. Or just render with background with your video.