Importing animations from blender to Unity

(FieR) #1

Hello people.

Im new at using Blender (and Unity), so i have this little problem that i dont know how to fix.
I made an animation in blender and saved it on the Unity game folder, the problem is that the animation should be an explosion, so the parts of the item that explode should disappear after some time but using the “visibility” and “Render” option doesnt work when i import it to unity.

I mean, in blender when i play the animation it does what i want at the right frame, but in unity it doesnt disappear at this frame, it just stays there.

Since im new at this i feel like im just not doing it right way, but hope someone can help me about this.

(arifoxs) #2

Sorry if my statement is not clear, but you can send me a screenshot, I am an expert in unity and blender, I think unity does not fully support shader / effects in blender, you should configure shaders in material objects that not disappears, or if you want Make an explosion, you can just use Particles in unity3d,

(KnightsFan) #3

Unfortunately, Unity will not read the vast majority of Blender properties, including visibility. Unity does have its own visibility options, though, which you control via scripts. A good starting point is to add a script to the object in Unity, and have the script start a coroutine which waits the right amount of time, and then destroys the object.

Here are some links to the Unity docs that might be relevant.

If you will need to access the object later or make it visible again, you should use something like this instead of Destroy.

Does this help at all?