Importing another blend file

Sometimes I create an object in a blend file (ex: table.blend) and I would like to import that into another blend project (ex: room.blend). I’ve tried exporting the table as VRML. 3DS, OBJ, etc. but wierd things keep happening. VRML alters the parts and joins seperate objects. 3DS just doesn’t seem to work and so on. I’ve tried appending the original blend file but couldn’t get that to work.

So my question is how can I import an object (made of several objects) that I’ve created as a blend file, into a new blend project?

Thank you in advance.

Form a Group of objects that you want to import. Then in the new project: File > Append or Link. Chose the path to the .blend file that you want to import from and navigate to Group and the particular group containing your objects. Click Load Library. Done.