Importing assemblies from ProE

I am a noob - sorry…
I am trying to bring an assembly into Blender, and assign different materials to different components within the assembly. I have been able to bring the assembly in via stl format, but Blender treats the whole assembly as one object…
I’ve checked a few of the tutorials regarding materials etc, but haven’t found anything to help me yet - thinking my problem is in the manner in which I’m bringing the assembly in…
Can anyone save me a lot of time and point me in the right general direction? Thanks much!!!

Lobo_nz coded a batch stl import script to get Solidworks files into blender. i use it at work to do what you are wanting to do and it works great.

the trick is to have every part in Pro-E exported as a separate stl file. (in Solidworks each “part” is exported separately, if each part file has multiple bodies then it will not work on those)

Import them into blender, if there are any parts with multiple body’s you can enter edit-mode and use the Ctrl+L command to select linked then separate the body out using P. If you are using Lobo_nz’s batch import script it will automatically remove the double verts created by the STL file.

If you are using Blenders default script you will need to use thw W>Remove doubles command.

Hope that helps. His script is here