Importing autocad .dxf files into blender using python script

HELP! how do I install the converter for importing autocad dxf files into blender? I have read the tutorials and walk throughs but I still dont understand.

Above is the link for a DXF importer script written in python, generally a lot slower than blenders inbuilt importer but has a higher success rate.

Perhaps download Accutrans from (Shareware not Free) and do a convert dxf to dxf, then the inbuilt importer will handle the DXF’s correctly and far faster than the python one, including arcs etc.

But this has all been discussed repeatedly so try searching BA.

you dont need any converter, dont need to install extra importer script, just:

  1. export geometry from autocad to dxf format
  2. start blender with new scene
  3. start dxf-importer from menu: File->Import->Autodesk DXF (dxf. dwg.)
  4. set path to dxf-file with DXF-File> Button
  5. set desired parameters (2D or 3D)
  6. hit START IMPORT … script working … finished…
  7. exit importer dialog box (UI)
  8. check console for import log: there you will see how many objects are created by importer

What is your problem exactly?