importing AVI...need help please

I go to import an avii downloaded off the internet as a test, and i choose mat in the texture window, then texture type as an image, then in the setting i load the avi, then click the button that says “movie”…but nothing shows up…in the dos thing that has its own window, it says that the animation didnt load because its unrecognized format, and says Cant find AVI decoder for type : vids/MP42…if anybody knows how to fix this or what to download to fix this, i’d be happy to know 8)

looks like you don’t have the video codec for that format. maybe try downloading something other than mpeg, or to test it, make an avi in blender using the cinepack codec or one of the standard avi codecs. then load that onto your plane, and remember to set the frames buttons in the texture window.

i had to download the divx 3.1 alpha codec

do a google search for a download

Is the alpha codec or what ever free?

All codecs (AFAIK) are free to download. You need them to be able to see the movies. The cost issues arise when you want to use them commercially, maybe to sell a video made with the codec.