importing blend file to blend file


I would like to know how to import a modeled blend file into some other blend environment.

For example I could have modeled a car with blender and a house with blender. Now these are different files and environments and I would like to import blender made car to stand in front of the blender made house.

If I open a blender file and I have a cube in it and I would like open another blend file this cube disappears and the other blender model replaces this cube. Please tell how to avoid this?

You can use the Append or Link function …in File menu or shift - F1
you will then have to click the .blend file and select the elements you want/need.
down the dialoguebox you have 2 choices : Append or Link
Append will create a copy inside your actual file, Link will create a link …which means you can then edit the original object and it will reflect in all files that use it… basic asset management :slight_smile:
I hope it helps,

if you find that you have appended something and it doesn’t show up
try changing the objects mesh data

see the image below
the 0 infront of any item in a list means it is not currently being used in the scene
ie - the data is stored in the .blend file but the objects isn’t in the 3d view or scene