Importing .blend file to UDK.

I am very sorry if this should not be here but I realy need help.
I´d like to ask you, how to import my .blend files to UDK (Unreal Development Kit)?
And how to import my own textures to UDK?
I know I had write on the UDK forum, but there are some problems with registration etc.
Please, this is urgent.

I´d like to ask you, how to import my .blend files to UDK
You can’t import *.blend file directly into UDK (not with the standard UDK libraries anyways). Therefore, you have two options:

  1. Export your game data as a different format.
  2. Use Erwin’s ReadBlend library (link).

I thing I don´k know what does that page mean. I have to say that I don´t know scripting even programing. I don´t understand these technical things so much but I wil be very grateful if will describe me what to do.

also follow the fantastic 3dBuzz video tutorials about texturing/import (actually… watch all of them… and follow along in UDK as they progress). you will need to understand more about UDK before doing giant maps :slight_smile:

you can export the models seperatly in an .ase format, you can find the script here: .
and for the textures save them as a tga or png format and import them into unreal using the import button at the bottom of the generic browser.
then follow this tutorial for the basics of making a material in udk

Thank you all very much.
I will follow all of your advices.:yes: