Importing Blender assets into Unity - What Stays?

Hey guys I was wondering if there are any aspects of a model made in blender that will get changed if imported into unity. I see that the model itself is imported nicely but what about materials, lighting, and texturing? I don’t want to make everything in Blender and realize later that some aspects of it won’t import into unity.

Thanks. Sorry if this was a little confusing.

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I’m just starting myself on learning Unity. I see where some recommend the fbx file format. When I us the FBX formt it doesn’t import properly. Collada seems to work great though. At least for textures and such. Not sure about rigging and animations.

materials, lighting, and texturing?

Materials and lighting no. Texturing of course. Means the mapping is intact and the path gets stored. And when you put the texture besides the file, then Unity should assign the textures properly.

Rule of thumb: nearly nothing transfers besides mesh data, including mapping and texturing, and animation data. Material settings does not transfer because shaders are engine specific. Unity cannot use the Blender shaders. Particles and physics does not transfer neither. Unity uses its own particle and physics system. And so on. Stuff like Material, Particles and Physics needs to be done in Unity.

When I us the FBX formt it doesn’t import properly.

Something goes very wrong then. It should work. And is in fact the recommended pipeline. Obj works just proper with a single texture per mesh. And Collada has problems with animations. They’re both just inofficially supported anyways.

Mh, the direct blend file import is broken in the new Unity version. Maybe that’s your problem here.