Importing Blender UV maps into Zbrush

I have been having trouble getting a model created in Blender to import into ZBrush with acurate UVs. I have tried several models from simple to complex and I always get the same result (see attached JPEG of a simple torus created with UV map in Blender). The screen grab shows the result when ZBrush does a UV check. It looks like it is throwing verts but I don’t know why. I am marking my seams in Blender and getting clean UV layouts…they just don’t translate into ZBrush. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I am exporting the file as an OBJ from Blender with UV info.


Maybe this thread over at CGTalk will help. It has some info and links to 2 tutorials I believe.

I found what I was doing wrong. I was allowing some of my verts in the UV image editor to skirt too close to the edge of the active area grid. Although I thought they were in the active grid they were not. Just scaled them in a bit and it worked fine.