Importing brushes

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new to Blender, but with a lot of Experience with Daz products. Switching over to Blender for all the amazing features and starting to get comfortable.

Two questions

  1. I’ve downloaded a bunch of brushes for texture painting - they are in .jpg and .png format. According to some tuts, all I need do is put them in a folder, activate the import brushes plugin and import. Problem is, I don’t have an import brushes option under user preferences, addons - or any other function that looks like it could work.

  2. Also downloaded some sculpting brushes and Cycles materials - they .blend files. Where do I put them and how do I access them?

Using Blender 2.71 under Win7 64bit

Any help will be greatly appreciated:)

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OK - found the addon for importing brushes and this works just great :slight_smile:

Found an online library by Peter Cassetta and downloaded that - no instructions on where and how to install - it seems to need an addon to access it, but no amount of searching can find anything from after Blender 2.68. Seems the addon stopped working then.

Can anyone assist here? Please :slight_smile:

The links to the import brushset addon are often down. I keep a copy on dropbox.
Import Brushset on dropbox

Download it. Open blender and go to file,user prefs, add ons, install from file, navigate to the file. The add on should appear, make sure the checkbox next to it is checked. Click save. Close user prefs.

The add on works by importing all images from a directory. I have a directory c:\blender\brushsets in that directory I have sub directories, pores, lips, scales… When I want some brushes I go to file,import,brushset and naviagte to the direcotry I want. Do not select any files, just go the directory and click the button in the upper right ‘import brushset’

The reason to organize your brushes into smaller sub dirs is so that you don’t wind up importing 100 brushes at a time.

The brushset is now available, but you don’t see anything change immediately. But if you go into sculpt mode, in the tools panel on the left (hit t) under texture there is a red and white checkered pattern, click it and all available brushes (images) will be listed and you can choose what you want. Same thing goes for texture paint etc…

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Thank you, Photox :slight_smile:

Got the brush set import tom work. Any Ideas on how to utilise the materials library - both Peter Cassetta’s and the .blend files?

hi (I’m ex poser lol )
to access the bits you want from another blend file
you use append (or link, avoid link for now )
so file append open the blend find the mat/mesh you want and hit the button
(its a bit like library’s)
a mesh will appear in the window a mat will need selecting from the drop down on the mats tab

why avoid link ? if you link then change something it gets changed in original file too
would hate to see anyone lose a great setup 'cos they linked instead of append

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’m from mainly Hexagon and Carrara. Discovering every day what wonders Blender has hidden. Unhiding them, thanks to folk like you, is part of the great discovery journey :slight_smile:

I am texture painting and was wondering if it is possible to import a “.abr” brush document instead of a png or jpeg? Is this possible? If so how?