Importing composite nodes from another .blend file?

Does anyone know how to import a composite node structure from one blender project to another?
I’ve heard something about patches? How is it done?

I could spend some time just building the same structure (13 nodes) in the other file, but some nodes (like RGB curves) are fine tuned and do not expose the numerical values…


  1. Select all nodes you want to transport
  2. Menu item: Node>Make Group; you can name the new composite node like any other node
  3. Save file.
  4. Open target file.
  5. Menu item: File>Append
  6. Navigate to file from 3) and choose “Node Tree” from list of Append options
  7. Select/highlight named Group/composite node from 2), click “Load Library”
  8. Right-click in Node Editor/Compositor to bring up menu, choose “Group” option, then the appended/imported Node Tree/Group
  9. Menu item: Node>Ungroup will expand the grouped Node Tree into its original form

I think I got all the steps.

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Thanks for the information!
I’ve also stumbled upon a nice video tutorial which demonstrates that, if anyone needs: