Importing downloaded mesh removing textures

I am trying to import this model into Blender:

Whenever I try, it imports the mesh but without any of its texturing. I think I may have to rebind the textures to the UV mesh, but I don’t know my way around that section of the interface. Can someone tell me how to do it, or point me to a relevant tutorial?

For those unable to download and test it out, the model is a zip that contains two folders: source and textures. Inside source is another zip, model, which has a .dae file and another folder of textures. Both appear to contain maps in roughness, normal, metallic, and albedo. When imported, the model is a lovely pale green, and when I navigated to the UV maping window layout, it held some sort of outline, but no textures of any sort.

This video should explain everything you need to know :slight_smile: Don’t forget to change your render engine from Blender Renderer to Cycles in the 3D view’s upper toolbar, otherwise you won’t see the nodes he’s using.

Thanks! Exactly what I needed!