Importing DXF files..

I tried to import some dxf files for a test and i get many error messages such as “Error Parsing DXF, expected (20, <y>) at line 94250”. Any idea what this means? or is the feature broken?

I have no idea. It always worked for me. What program was the original .dxf made in?

I have no clue. I received them from my dad who wanted me to turn them into 3d renderings. they were converted from a DWG file, so that might be the problem.

Try getting the individual object files. .3ds is the file type for singular individual images, so use that. Get the chap who made the original DXFs to make individual .3ds files, and import them individually, manipulating the scene to get everythign right. I did some work once for a glass etching compnay making logos in glass bricks and this was the best method.

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sorry, i meant individual objects not images

Oh, DWG. DWG is a 2D format, and therefore the DXF didn’t import right because it’s the wrong type of DXF. Blender doesn’t support 2D DXF, only 3D. Sorry. Get AutoCad to open those files.

I’ve found that converted .dxf files only work well if they’re free of blocks and polyline curves, among other things. I have the luxury of working in ACAD directly, paring down the .dxf I want to export until it works. I only really use it as a template for plan drawings to extrude, these days. So, you have 2 options:

  1. As has been mentioned, the original files can be converted to .3ds files with the “3dsout” command from AutoCAD (full version)
  2. or the original files can be purged of all unecessary data within AutoCAD (text, blocks, extra layers, etc) and saved down to ACAD 12 .dxf. From there, if you get something usable imported to Blender, you can do a search of this forum to find out how to convert into a 3D drawing. (Hint: it isn’t straighforward.:rolleyes: )

Thanks everyone. Eku, what do you mean by converting the file into a 3d drawing?

Type ‘DXF’ into the search, and sit down for a long read. There have been many requests for improvement for .dxf import, but the problem seems to be that .dxf means different things to different software developers - for eg. AutoCad, Adobe and Macromedia (even though it’s now Adobe) do very different things to the files. [Not to mention what every new version creates] Generally for Blender Autocad dxf. works with simple clean / purged layer by layer files. Alternatively we have Rhino3D at work and done some tests converting .dwg to .obj (wavefront) and had some success. There is also a plug in for AutoCad but that’$…

I just mean the process of extruding 2D .dxf files. I am assuming your dad gave you a set of 2D construction drawings, converted from .dwg to .dxf format. Take a look at the tutorial in yellow’s blog.

(by the way, this topic really belongs in the “Other Software” forum, FYI.)

See ‘AutoCad export to .3ds format’ if you need a hand with that tool.

please tell me how to import autocad files into blender if you know.

thanks in advance.

You can start by looking here @ Blender for Architecture - they’ve got lots of handy resources there. Migius has also been developing a Blender/Cad application & you might find more about it @ his homepage.

Oh and good luck :wink: