importing dxf

hi, im trying to get some realistic renders with premade dxf models that are available on Kohler.
I tried importing it w/ the dxf importer plugin in blender but the imported file is no longer a mesh and does not render.

anyone has a workaround or a solution?

See below (top: autocad. bottom: blender)

website of dxf

I tend to open these files first with Accutrans (an object format converter), because Accutrans DXF import is excellent.
Then I save as a lwo in Accutrans, and import the model in Blender. I’ve been doing it this way for years, and it just works.
The trial IS the full version - the developer trusts you to pay the (very inexpensive) license fee if you decide to keep it after thirty days.

You may have to enter edit mode and remove doubles and convert tris to quads.


Thanks Herbert! that helped a lot