Importing existing Blender animated models (IK) in Powerpoint (50$)

I’m an individual currently working on a Blender 3d project destinated to a Powerpoint presentation, and i’m facing some problems with rigged and animated characters importation in Powerpoint.
I rigged and animated them in Inverse kinematics, with Rigify, and the export / import always fail, format is sometimes not handled, sometimes the animation appear but not the texture, sometimes the file just no export…
What I need is someone who have the knowledge to import my models fully textured in Powerpoint, and with the exact same animation I created and is functional in Blender.

I don’t know at all if the format compatibility implies some scripting, or other, what i can tell you is the problem i have seems in part to be caused by inverse kinematics / my rigging. But i don’t have time to recreate a rig and a full animation in FK, so it’s why i create this job.

I personally think you have to follow the same steps as the ones to import in a game engine, because Powerpoint probably work similar, but i’m not sure at all and it’s only an idea.

-The first model is an ostrich, that will need to have two scenes in Powerpoint : one walking around, and one putting head in sand.
-The second model is a Saint Bernard with a barrel at his neck, that get up. He have some Blendshapes on his eyes and they are necessary to figure in Powerpoint also.

They both need to be imported exactly the same looking in Powerpoint, feel free to do all the changes you want to make it compatible with PP, since it don’t change the appearance / final result.

My budget is 50$ for this, i think someone who have strong knowledges in rig functions, game engine exports, and script, can handle this project pretty easily.
**Important : I’ll pay ONLY when i got the result finished and working well in hand, i’ll not pay for a try that not finally give the result I want, so please apply only if you are sure you can handle it, to not make both of us loose time :wink: **
(you also can apply without being sure of the result, but be informed that you will be paid only if you provide it finally)

The deadline is two weeks maximum, but if it can be done this week it would be really better.

Feel free to PM me here or to contact me at [email protected] if you’re interested!
You can send me some explanations of how you’re planing to solve the problem brievly, or some works that show you have knowledges in it.
Also do not hesitate to ask any precisions.

Thanks by advance!!


I can help.

You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.


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