Importing/Exporting v6100 .fbx files?

So I am at a 100% deadlock. I am working with Unity and trying to export, edit, and re-import a model into it. The .fbx format is v6100. I normally use 3DSMax, but an older 2010 version. It’s version of .fbx is too old and crashes unity. I was told to use Blender for the task but find it don’t support anything under 7100.

I cannot use any of the converters, they screw up the models and there animations and just leave an unusable mess.

What are my options so I can finally get my project underway? Is there an older version of blender that uses v6100 or is my project dead in the water before it even got a shot?

Have you tried fbx converter to convert it to a later version? –

They seem to have removed the page that links to the download link, accessing through google cache works fine here –

alternative mirror –

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