Importing from .3ds file loses position of objects.

Pretty much everything is fine except for a few things. All of the objects lose their position and everything is lumped together in the middle of the file. In addition to that all of the reference/instance copies are created as copies. Not really that big a deal. The positioning dela is much more of a big deal.

So the question is…

Is this a known problem?
Is there a setting in Blender to fix it?
Is there a third party tool to fix this?
Is there another format I should export to from 3DS to get it into Blender.

PS, wow I just used 3ds after using Blender for a week. Wow, Autodesk is sooooooo fucked in my opinion. Why aren’t more ppl using Blender professionaly wtf… Especially small game studios. Oh well.

Google search > forum search:

blender will import everything to the origin

I don’t know how many objects you are talking about here - but you might take note of where they are in 3DS (jot it down) and then you can position them after you import

I don’t know any other way