Importing from Blender to 3DS MAX

Hello everyone,

does blender have any problems with exporting models to 3ds max or zbrush? i worked on a model and i want to export it to 3ds max for texturing, but when i import the file that i exported from blender it looks …very bad.

is there a way to export the mesh correctly without problems in 3ds max? maybe the settings are wrong? im new to blender so this is really frustrating and i hope you guys can help with that.

thanks alot!

For a start you could tell us the file format you used for export: 3ds perhaps?
And what exactly do you mean by “the mesh looks bad”? Screenshots? Example file?

I think he is talking about the triangularized faces. This hapes all the time in export-import process. it`s kinda pain in the ass to texture a imported file in max.

That’s why I asked for the file format he used. 3ds is a painfully old and limited file format and one of its many shortcomings is that everything gets triangulated. Who in their right mind would use that for transferring “raw” mesh data?

Well, since the OP never came back to this or bothered enough to further explain his issues I guess it didn’t matter anyway.

use obj or fbx to export models to max. Obj works best for untextured models, it will even keep your uv maps from blender.