Importing from google sketchup

I have looked at the tutorial for importing from schetchup , but i still have a problem
i try to import the Colada 1.4 (.dae) file, but it says “please set path in file
and it won’t import!
does anybody know why?

Do you have Python 2.5 installed?

yes i installed that but it still says the same thing, arrgghh!

uh, i hope i dont sound like a tard but doesn’t python 2.5 come with blender when you install it?

not too my knowledge.
Possibly the .dae file may require “fixing”. You may have to parse/condition the file through a .dae paerser to fix up errors which do occur. Check sourceforge for collada refinery tools here.

where can i find this tutorial? link?

Is there a reason why you’re not just using jms’ KMZ script to import?

Here’s an alternative works as well, sometimes better.
Download the Sketchup2Xplane .obj exporter and the Xplane .obj importer for Blender 2.45 Meshes and textures imported.
Download links below.