Importing from Lightwave

hi everybody, i’ve recently discovered this coooool software but
i’m loosing my head trying to load my lightwave models into Blender… :spin:

in last two days i was reading about Python (downloaded), then read about the fact of different versions of Python for different versions of Blender…, i have 2 scripts for import/export LW… (don’t know how to activate them :(–) , and did the operation of loading “.lwo” files docens of times (with only quadrangles, only triangles,…), but Blender says always :

“Python script error, check console”

I’m working with: iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 Ghz - OSX 10.4.11
my version of BLENDER is 2.47-OSX-10.4-py2.3-intel (does this include python?) anyway i’ve python 2.3.5 and 2.5 versions downloaded too

Please… Help me!!

thankx blender experts _ _ :eyebrowlift:

start blender with a console and post the console output here.

after 2.37a the Lightwave import script didn t work as supposed … so copy the script from 2.37a (download that version of blender) and replace the one on 2.47 with that old one … that way you can import your .lwo files… however there are some bugs on this one too as importing copy of same objects that goes above 999 will run into error …

if you know about problems you should file a bug report together with a test file so devs can fix it.

thank you for your help, it works now! nice to see lw models inside.!!

i’ll work on renders and post results soon…

I have the files, and I was kind of preparing the report … just got sidetracked by my company’s architectural projects … best a