Importing from Photoshop help needed.

I am brand new to Blender (from yesterday). I am experienced with PhotoshopCS2, Paint Shop Pro X, Gimp, and a few others. In other words I understand 2D pretty well. I want to import files into Blender so that I can start to learn about 3D using some of my existing images. I don’t yet understand the ‘language’ of Blender or of 3D imaging and I need somewhere to start. I can get file lists from My Pictures into Blender and have even managed to get a few thumbnails showing but then I get stuck because I have no idea what to do then. I can’t get a image onto a page to start experimenting with and learning how to use things. I have changed jpegs and tifs etc into png and gif etc, but all I get is Error . I am not bothered about quality or making a mess of things, I just want to learn and I can’t do that until I have something to learn on. I have searched the tutorals and forums but can not find anything in plain language to tell me how to do the, what must be very simple, basic starting out operations. I am an absolute beginner in 3D. Can anyone tell me how to start out importing images, or a good site for basic tutorials.:o

I´m not sure what you want to do?! If you want import images to Blender I have to ask you what for? Do you need a background image as blue print to model a 3d object ? Or do you want to texture an object?
A 3d application is not like Photoshop, where you work directly on your image. In Blender you need an object at first on which you can apply an image.
For tutorials maybe look here:
Hope that helps?!

The two most basic uses for 2D images in blender are UV mapping and background images, as VinceSpace mentioned. Here are some more specific links (from the noob_to_pro site).