Importing from Spore

Spore now has the ability to export creatures as 3d models enabling cool things like this:

Unfortunately Spore only exports models as a .dae (I think it’s collada 1.5), and when I try importing into blender 2.49a using the import script it crashes.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong or if there’s a workaround like converting in another program (I don’t have maya or max) first?

I know that one of the SOC things is a new collada exporter so I look forward to being able to use spore things in my blender games/renders either way soon but just hoping this can happen sooner rather than later.


I am one of this year GSOCers. I am working on a new collada plugin for Blender 2.5. Dan Moskowitz, one of Spore developers, gave me to test some dae files. Here are these models imported and rendered.

I’ve wanted to ask him for more models but he is out till August 10th, so, if you’re a Spore player could you send some of your creatures in dae format. Here is my email chigiz.ds [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks a lot.

hi, your links need a login.
I look forward to your successful Gsoc.
best wishes.

Oops, sorry, my fault.

Yeah, be happy to help you out as this is a feature I’m really excited about. It will be so cool to be able to take some of my spore creations and animate them in blender. Unfortunately I borrowed my computer with Spore to a friend, but I’ll send you the models as soon as I get it back.

Oh, thanks.

Currently my plugin doesn’t support skinned animation but it’ll be implemented soon.


tried emailing some spore models to chigiz.ds [at] gmail [dot] com but I keep getting a “The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.” error.

Not sure if it’s the file size (~9mb) or something else.

just uplad them to a site like rapidshare then post him the links and he can download them from rapidshare. if he gets a free gmail account it has a 25 meg attachment limit that would be more than big enough if you guys really want to go email.

Ok just a quick question. What the heck is “spore”

spore is a video game, just google it

spore is one of those sims games, only instead of siming a city you are siming the evolution of a species from a germ into a dominator of the universe.

Good news - skinning is supported! Here are some samples:

I hope you understand that [at] and [dot] - are special abbreviations to avoid spam robots. So you just have to replace [at] with “@”, [dot] with the “.”
If it doesn’t help - use one of upload sites and paste links here.


yeah, would someone mind to import this gigantic penis creature from spore? :smiley:

haha, anyway… great job on the importer!

So you can export the rigged critter? Is it possible to transfer the animations in the future?

OK Commercial game. Not for me. But the progress looks good and I congratulate you.

Alright I’m gonna try sending one. This looks like a cool importer.

Sure, object animation(not skinned) is already supported.

just tried out the new build on Graphicall, very nice stuff!