Importing from VRML2

Hi, all!

This simple boat has been imported from VRML 2. Everything went fine, but… It sems that I can’t display (and possibly modify) the object’s two materials. Only a third (neutral) material is displayed in the properties window.

Can you help ? Thanks in advance,



FromVRML2.blend (525 KB)

The object colour is from the vertex paint

Thanks but this is completely new to me, and what I’ve found in Blender’s Manual isn’t very helpful.
So, more precisely, where can I find the two colors used by the object’s vertices and change them?

Probably my question wasn’t clear enough, sorry.

For me, that was a serious question… I was asking it because I don’t know the answer.

Change from object or edit mode to vertex paint mode where you will get access to tools to paint the vertices on your model
Blender manual for vertex paint

The real answer to my question is that what I wanted to do cannot be done, and that any work created with VRML 2 must be considered as a total loss. Having said that, VRML 2 is really old, and .x3d isn’t any better, as it is nothing but an XML-like translation of VRML 2, almost line-for-line. Thanks, anyway :o

What do you actually want to do with this model, I don’t think you have actually said

The vertex paint data used in vrml or .x3d files can be used as the colour data for colour 3d printing.
The vertex paint data can also be rendered and can use to mix different materials
You can also bake vertex paint colours to an image texture (render / bake)

Thierry, try Vivaty Studio (now free)

I don’t know that it specifically addresses your issue, but it was developed to work with web 3D formats, so it could be worth a try.