Importing from Wings3D

I just now started playing around with Wings3D and I thought I’d make a few very simple meshes to see how well they import into Blender. They all imported fine until I imported a very simple dragon head (I’m no 3D modeler and this model is in a very early stage.) The plugin seemed to screw the mesh up some. Are there any tips anyone could give me to avoid this happening?

Attached is the Wings3D model followed by the Blender version.

wings relies a lot on n-gons, can make faces of whatever the sides…

You need to conect some vertices, or just teselate in quads inside wings before exporting…

that besides the user view in blender has a diffrent camera fov than perspective/camera view in Wings…of course, if comparing both persp/camera views, the aspect would be similar, that unless some weir deformation is happening in export, which I doubt.

basicly u need to tell in 3d how u wanna teselate it, how u want the wires to flow. That can be done with the very powerful connect in wings (tools/connect at top menu) That or in face mode select faces to tesselate, or ctrl+a selects all, right click , “tesselate”, triangulate or quadrangulate. beter allways to keep quads. That or if u export as obj instead of .wings, you can set triangulate or quadrangulate in export dialog.