Importing groups/elements from MAX to Blender

There are some rigs i need to import from MAX into Blender. The meshes are easy enough, but i can’t get the vertex groups along for the ride, for some reason. I’ve very little experience with MAX (why i want to work in blender and not there in the first place), but i do know the rig in question is all neatly divided into elements when you go into the edit mesh, none of which show up as vertex groups when i bring it into blender.

I did expect it to not be that easy, and for one thing, i’ve got no problem with rebuilding the armature from scratch, but the vertex groups are a real sore loss. With any luck, you’re calling me an idiot right about now because there’s some crucial step i need to take in order to get the groups from one format to the other. I did look - i’ve been trying to crack this for a while now, but google just doesn’t seem to get me anywhere near it, except for that script from Silvio Falcinelli, which i still couldn’t get to carry the groups over.

Now admittedly, when it comes to this field, my wit isn’t the best, but i’m really at it’s end, so, if anyone can help, i’d really appreciate it.