Importing Illustrator

Does anyone know if there is a way to get Illustrator Creative Suite files into Blender? I have tried and can’t seem to get it to come in. Tried and can’t even get it to show up in Blender.

For me working in bezier curves is much easier in Illustrator and I have a rather complicated design to work on.

I know this has been discussed before but sometimes I have a little trouble figuring out what to type in the search to get to what I’m looking for.


You don’t mention what your exact problem is … but make sure you are exporting in Adobe Illustrator 8 (or earlier) format. Adobe changed the AI format for v9 and above and a lot of apps that have AI importers don’t read the new format.

JMS’s svg2obj works very well for me. I use Corel Draw for the paths, but I export them as svg, then reopen them in Inkscape, ungroup, Ctrl L to simplify the path (remove excess nodes), then save it again from Inkscape. Look for the latest svg2obj script in JMS’s site…

It’s like 86point5 said. You just need to save your curve data from Illustrator as illustrator version 8. That seems to work the best.
Check out my preperation tutorial in this thread…

Feel free to message me if you need any further help.

The Adobe Illustrator 9.0 exports only compressed files and I do not know how to unzip this kind of file but I did tests with .AI 10.0 non compressed and the import works nicely .