Importing maya file into Blender


I have an important question for my development. I am having a human character model with walk animation etc. in maya file. I want to execute this model in my iOS app, so i need to convert this model to pod format. But, this is not possible(converting to pod) in maya, i tried with a plugin but failed on that.
So, i want to first import this maya file (which has human character with rigging and animation) into Blender and then blender is already allowing me to export as POD file.
Could someone guide me, how can i import maya (which has human character with rigging and animation) file safely in blender 2.65a?

Your helps are very much appreciated, as its going to help me lots in my development.
Thank you in advance!


Have you tried exporting/importing as a collada file (.dae)

I would use the latest version of blender to import to ensure you have the latest support and bug fixes. You can then re-open the imported object in 2.65 if you need to.

Hi Richard, I have exported to .dae in maya and then tried importing in blender 2.65a, but blender crashed and exited automatically. I am unable to import this way.

Report the crash as a bug and it might get fixed

Oh, i will do that…but i need solution quickly, because i’m on the development and release it soon. Is there any other way that i can import maya files in blender?

Ok, i read from another forum message, wavefront .obj can be exported from maya to blender. I’ll try that.